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Welcome to our website. We are the premier local shopper delivered to 20,000 homes throughout Albuquerque. Our website answers some frequently asked questions about us. Feel free to click the links and read all there is to know about New Mexico Penny Saver.

We are 100% focused on local merchants to level the playing field
We are local and focus on local. We know local means the money stays in Albuquerque and does not get transferred to a corporate or franchise in another state or country. We do for local merchants what other highly expensive publications like RedPlumb and ValPack do for the national franchise business that are also located in Albuquerque. We level the playing field with our super-low price of 1 penny per house for the local merchant to advertise.

About our logo
We designed our logo from scratch with a penny in the background. The penny, colors and font were chosen to make sure people know we are focused on savings for customers and local merchants.

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