How to reach customers in your Zip Code for 1 penny per house

How to reach customers in your Zip Code for 1 penny per house

Each Zip Code in Albuquerque, has at least 10,000 homes and businesses in the zip code. This means for $100 a business can advertise for 1 penny per household in the Zip Code they do business in. Its a great way to get customers in the door who live in the area. Business owners can expand and add other Zip Codes for just 1 penny per house.

This super-low price is made possible by what is known as “co-op mail marketing” and New Mexico PennySaver is a new co-op coupon clipper magazine in Albuquerque full of ads and coupons that help families save money on everything from pizza, to putting a new roof on your house.

Because there are multiple advertisers (but none of which compete with each other), and because of a massive distribution channel, New Mexico PennySaver can get your business into Albuquerque metro households at a penny per home – ad design included at no extra charge.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes will still be able to reach consumers directly in their home for a penny at a time. And only New Mexico PennySaver can offer 1 penny per house in Albuquerque. Business owners can’t afford to NOT get into the New Mexico PennySaver.

The way it works is very simple too. Just get in touch with us to setup an appointment. All the ads are full color. Just be sure to know what promotion you want to advertise in the ad, and we will collect 50% to secure your spot and design the ad for you. When we show you the ad and you approve, you pay the remaining 50% of the ad cost. New Mexico PennySaver makes it easy to bring new customers into your shop or calls to your phone.