Reach 20,000 in Albuquerque for 1 penny per household

You can advertise your business for 1 penny per household. PennySaver comes with the daily mail through the Post Office so people get it for for free. People look through the ads and will either call your business or show ad to friend/family.

Reach 20,000 households in your Zip Code. It’s cheaper than buying cards from VistaPrint.  It’s more effective than Craigslist because more people will see it and looks more professional.


Best Advertising Value in Albuquerque

Shop around your advertising options. You need to get more customers in the door. Billboards are $1000 a month, 1 commercial on TV or radio is about $1500. Advertising in PennySaver is just $200 per ad and is seen by 20,000 households!

80,000+ potential customers for your business every month

We send New Mexico PennySaver to 20,000 households and businesses in your Zip Code. Most households have 2-4 people, so potentially 80,000 people could see your ad in New Mexico PennySaver.

Consumers receive New Mexico PennySaver in the daily mail. We select our delivery neighborhoods that have a healthy balance of equity and income, so you can be sure they are in the market for your products and services.